Brediculous Yarns

Brea's story:

When I first started knitting I was only 21. I was in college, trying to get my BA, and even playing college softball. Whenever I had free time I always had yarn in my hands. From there, I was introduced to hand dyed yarn from my LYS in MD, Lovely Yarns. I bought some yarn, knitted some socks, and just wanted to do more! I thought .... hmm ... I can dye yarn myself. After graduating from college, I got a couple jobs and I did two things:
Saved money
Paid loans

What did I save money for?
I saved to start dyeing the yarn myself! From one crockpot in my living room to 9 down in my basement, I started growing! Yes ... I said it ... crockpots! About 90% of your yarn is dyed through these bad boys!

Where did the name come from and what does it mean?
Well Brediculous is my softball nickname! I played co-ed softball after graduating from college and made a name for myself! I was this little outfielder snagging all the balls hit to me, no pun intended, and tracking down everything hit my way. From there, my friend gave me the name that stuck with me. Brea + Riduclous = Brediculous. And so I just added it to my business name.

I am still small, slowly growing, and making a name for myself but every day I am blessed to be able to do something that I love.

Now I am a full time Dyer and it wouldn’t be possible without you ❤️

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