About Us

The Koigu headquarters are located in Chatsworth a few hours outside of Toronto. Harry and Maie Landra purchased the farm in 1972, and though it was intended to be their weekend retreat, within a decade it became the family's permanent residence.

Koigu Wool started out as a small operation with Maie hand spinning and dyeing the fleece from the Landra flock. The name Koigu was chosen to honor Harry's ancestral home in Estonia. Taiu helped her mother with the daily farm work, spinning and dyeing, and after graduating from University, put all of her energy into making the company economically viable.

In the end, the mother-daughter duo decided it was time to put the sheep to pasture and outsource their wool, working closely with a mill that would spin the fine merino to their specifications. The resulting yarn was Koigu's signature Premium Merino. This yarn was like nothing the knitting world had ever experienced before. Soft and light, the yarn became a superstar and demand skyrocketed. For the first 5 years, KPPPM was produced in the Landra farmhouse kitchen, as the operation grew, it became necessary to build a 5500 square foot wool shed to house the yarn production.