Pascuali Naturals Yarns

Our aim is to produce environmentally friendly yarns of the highest quality and to take a close look at every step of production. We take our responsibility towards the environment and our fellow human beings very seriously. The core of our vision is a sustainable future. We strive to constantly reduce the impact of our business on the environment, to behave in a socially responsible manner towards our community and also to improve our sustainable behavior in everyday life - for the sake of our planet! 

Thanks to your support we can do this work.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Sustainability and environmental compatibility are key elements of our corporate philosophy along the entire production chain, from the fibers themselves to the packaging of the finished spun yarns. 

Natural yarns - completely free of synthetic fibers

All our yarns are completely free of artificial fibres, they consist exclusively of 100% natural fibers of animal or vegetable origin. Natural fibers are completely biodegradable. Even if garments made from our yarns are very durable: there will come a day when they will be worn out and have to be discarded. Here's the good news: in just six months they would be fully composted, with no negative impact on the environment. 

Ethical and sustainable production

We value transparency throughout our production chain and we take great pride in knowing exactly where, how and by whom our yarns are made. Our fibers come from animal-friendly husbandry and are produced under environmentally friendly and fair conditions. Our range offers a large selection of organic yarns, with a special focus on the traceability of the production steps, and which are dyed according to the high specifications of European standards. We also work with spinning mills that get their energy from renewable sources and value not wasting resources.

Plastic-free packaging

Wherever possible, we avoid plastic. Accordingly, our packaging is also free of plastic. We instead use paper as our main packaging material - this is fully recyclable. Currently 95% of our packaging is plastic-free. But of course our goal is to achieve 100% here.

CO2 neutral shipping

We use the DHL GoGreen service for over 90% of our shipments. This means that every packet is automatically sent in a carbon-neutral way. The emissions that occur during transport are offset by certified climate protection programs around the world.