ChiaoGoo - Forte 2.0 Special Edition Interchangeable Set

ChiaoGoo - Forte 2.0 Special Edition Interchangeable Set


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The new and improved Forté 2.0 interchangeable knitting needle set provides the ultimate knitting experience. This luxurious set includes:

  • Tips
    • 7 pairs of strong carbon fiber knitting needle tips in sizes US2|2.75mm - US8|5mm
    • 7 pairs of luxurious African Blackwood knitting needle tips in sizes US9|5.5mm - US15|10mm tips
  • Cables
    • 3 small SWIV360 cables (14-inch|35cm, 22-inch|55cm, and 30-inch|75cm)
    • 3 large SWIV360 cables (14-inch|35cm, 22-inch|55cm, and 30-inch|75cm)
    • 3 small TWIST cables in (14-inch|35cm, 22-inch|55cm, and 30-inch|75cm)
  • Case
    • Book-style opening for quick access to tools and needle tips
    • Dual-sided removable needle board that keeps tips firmly in place
    • Multiple storage pockets to keep patterns, notions, and other essentials organized
    • Small metal tin to hold tiny accessories and tools
  • Accessories
    • 4 cable connectors (2 large, 2 small)
    • 4 end stoppers (2 large, 2 small)
    • 2 adapters to connect large tips to small cables
    • 2 tightening keys
  • Tools
    • 1 scissors
    • 2 darning needles
    • 20 stitch markers
    • 2 safety pins
    • 2-sided measuring swatch with a 14-hole needle gauge
    • 1 heart-shaped, rubber gripper

The carbon fiber shafts in sizes US-2 through US-8 provide unparalleled strength, while the African Blackwood shafts in US size 9-15 tips provide durable, smooth, splinter-free knitting. The African Blackwood is reclaimed wood that would otherwise be wasted, and the manufacturer is having a tree planted for every set sold.

All 14 sets of needles have perfectly pointed stainless steel tips to ease the forming of even the most complex stitch patterns. All the needles have nickel-plated joins that connect securely to help prevent work from slipping off mid-project.

The six silver SWIV360 cables have an added swivel feature, with the same multi-strand steel cable and nylon-coating components as the highly-regarded red TWIST cables. The swivel joins are a wonderful addition, but they can sometimes slow the movement of stitches over the joins – especially with more fibrous yarns in smaller gauges of knitting. The addition of three small red TWIST cables provides another option for this situation.

Whether you’re an advanced knitter looking to upgrade your kit or a beginner seeking high-quality supplies that will last from your first stitches to your hundredth project, the Forte 2.0 interchangeable needle set has everything you need. The carbon fiber and blackwood needle tips glide smoothly for consistent, even stitches. With the included cables and notions, you can knit anything you dream up. The ChiaoGoo Forté 2.0 Interchangeable Knitting Needles set represents the pinnacle of knitting quality and convenience.

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