Huggy Spool - Yarn Bobbin - Small

Huggy Spool - Yarn Bobbin - Small

Fire Mountian

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Huggy Spool®, soft plastic, clear, 2-1/2 inch round with 3/4 inch hole. Sold per pkg of 4.

Transfer sections from bulk spools of large diameter beading wire, thread and cord onto this customer-requested larger size of Huggy Spool® that "hugs" stringing materials to keep them from unraveling. Soft, see-through plastic allows for easy identification of color and cord type. Flat front for labeling. Great for use with kumihimo or braiding projects.

To open, bend curved side (back) away from flat side (front). Tape cord or wire end or hold in place and wrap cord around spool to desired length. Bend curved side of spool back into place to secure cord end. Cord can be dispensed when spool is closed by gently tugging the end.

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